Episode 86 - Shop Ceilings, That Farmhouse Look, More Enjoyable Shop Time & MUCH More!

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1) Gentlemen- Had two questions, figured I would break them into two missives to keep it organized. Again, thank you for podcast.

What are some non-tool, non-woodworking-related "things" that make your time in the shop more enjoyable or productive? For example, for me, it might be my Sirius XM or Amazon Music subscriptions, pot, or the cage I keep my children in. Huy, in your old shop, maybe your mini-split. Do you have anything like that? If you say "blue tape" Mike Pekovich will eat your soul. Tom

2) I’m cutting a 7x5” opening into the countertop of a washer/dryer surround made of 3/4” walnut plywood, in order to access the water shut off if ever needed.

Anyways, I’d ultimately like to figure out a way to cut the opening and reuse the off-cut piece as the new “lid” for the opening. I have a 1/8” spiral trim bit for my router and thought to plunge it down to begin the cut… then follow the template I made.

I feel like there not a lot of room for error here… any suggestions for cutting openings in order to grain match and reuse the off-cut piece?

Thanks! Chris




1) Hey guys, Figured I’d ask your opinion on shop ceiling heights.  I’ve been planning on building a new detached shop/garage next year.  My original design is a shed roof with an interior height of  12’ on the high side and 9’ on the low side.

 But recently I’ve been thinking  maybe a gable roof with a dormer would be nice. Which could make room for a loft however the ceiling height would end  up around 9’ or 10’.

Other than stacking lumber vertically, I don’t see the advantage of 12’ ceilings. Side note, I was planning on running some dust collection through the slab floor. Thanks as always, Jesse Beechland Furniture

2) I usually build cabinets with doors and drawers overlapping the face frame. However I would like to inset the drawers on a pair of Shaker style side tables that I am building. How much gap (1/16", 1/8" should I plan for between the drawers and face frame. Drawer face is just under 6" wide. I live in the Intermountain West and it remains pretty dry all year.

After I get the position set, any tips to temporarily hold drawer faces in position on the drawers until I can install screws from the inside? Wild Horse Woodworking

3) I've gotten a couple requests from family members wanting some items with the "modern farmhouse" look - specifically rough-sawn boards for some of the 'show' faces.  Given that most of the tools in my shop were purchased with the intention of making wood nice and smooth and square... I was wondering if you have any tips/tricks for intentionally creating a rough-sawn look on boards. Thanks, Monte


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