Backporch Advent Outpost with Todd Davis (#1)

Blessed Darkness and Blessed Light this Advent season. Here, In the midst of Season Two of Contemplify I am sliding in a bonus episode. This is the first episode of the 2nd annual Backporch Advent Outpost on Contemplify.

This year there will be one poet in each outpost, offering their poetry to gild the thin space beyond waiting or reception. Pour a tea or a finger of rye, consider this your Advent nightcap.

Todd Davis, will be reading two poems from his forthcoming book of poetry Coffin Honey from Michigan State University Press. There is a link in the shownotes for episode at to pre-order Todd’s book,  Coffin Honey.

Take a sip, breathe a little deeper. Here is Todd Davis reading us first,  “Of This World” and second, “Wayfaring”.

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