Episode 90 | From single mom to two companies, with Amber McCue

Welcome to this episode where we are sitting down with my friend Amber McCue!

Amber is a small town girl turned adventure loving global citizen. She went from being a single mom to having two companies that she can run from anywhere in the world with her family by her side. 

I mean it's the dream right?

She is the founder of The Modern CEO where she coaches business owners on growing and scaling their companies. She's also the founder of Three Boudoir, which is a photography business.

She and I just chit-chatted today! This is kind of like a coffee chat with a girlfriend, conversation about all things entrepreneurship, scaling businesses, and running incredibly successful companies while also being a mom and prioritizing a family life. I think you're going to really enjoy this episode.

Amber is such a gem and has so many good little nuggets of information to share with us.

So, without further ado, let's dive into this one!

Want to hangout with Amber online?

Visit her website: https://ambermccue.com/
Follow her on IG: https://www.instagram.com/ambermccue/


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