How Nixon’s TV strategy paved the way for Trump

Richard Nixon’s political career paralleled the rise of television. He discovered how TV could make or break a politician. His successes and flops set a precedent for politicians who came after him, especially Donald Trump. Both men used television to craft an electable persona, and they shared a secret weapon: one of the most powerful people in TV history, who helped Nixon and Trump shape their images. Music credits:Positive Motion by Thomas Richard Peter Howe and Stephen Christopher TaitNight Time Adventure by John Lorca and Peter James QuineyReach Out by James CopperthwaiteOngoing View (C) by Laurent DuryVoyage (A) by by Jon Lorca and Peter James QuineyRue Montclare (A) by Joe Henson, Alexis Leon Smith, and Reinould Willem Rutger FordTwo Dollar Token by Warmbody (from Blue Dot Sessions)When in the West by Landsman Duets (from Blue Dot Sessions) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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