1980‘s Diet Culture Horror Meets Raising Body Positive Teens with Signe Darpinian

Signe Darpinian on life in the diet culture horror of the 1980's and supporting parents to raise teens who feel good in their bodies.


In this episode, Signe Darpinian shares how her sequence of co-authored books came to be, her experienced collaborating with Wendy Stirling and Dr Shelley Aggarwal and  beauty of bringing all your experiences to the table, the diet culture horror film that was the 1980’s and the challenges for Gen X parents raising teens, how witnessing has impact, the benefits of boundaries and finding your starting place and Singe’s share the collective hope for parents who read the ‘Raising Body Positive Teens’ book.

Here Fi and Signe chat about;

  • 'No Weigh' and ‘Raising Body Positive Teens’; the books co-authored by Signe and how this sequence of books came to be.
  • Collaborating with our generous community and the beauty in ‘knowing what you know and knowing what you don’t know’.
  • Signe’s love for prankings.
  • Diet culture horror of the 1980’s; Signe and Fi share their recollection of growing up in this era and how witnessing has impact.
  • The complex and multi-layered challenges for Gen X parents, who were teens themselves in the 80’s.
  • The hope for parents who read ‘Raising Body Positive Teens’, who are wanting to do the work and for things to be different. 
  • How the pandemic has raised the flag for the important of self-trust and finding our baseline to which we can come back to.
  • The Benefits of Boundaries (Chapter 9 of ‘Raising Body Positive Teens’);
    • What are boundaries?
    • Signe and Fi step us through the starting place for boundaries.
    • Why can boundaries feel so bad?

More about Signe: 

Signe Darpinian is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist. She is the host of Therapy Rocks! a personal growth podcast, and co-author of No Weigh! as well as forthcoming book Raising Body Positive Teens: A Parent's Guide to Diet-free Living, Exercise and Body Image, both with Jessica Kingsley Publishers in London.

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