Do vaccinated people get long COVID?

Beyond the nasty and sometimes life-threatening symptoms that COVID can bring, there's another risk: long COVID. It's the collection of prolonged symptoms including brain fog, smell loss and fatigue. And while we know that being vaccinated drastically reduces your risk of a bad bout of COVID itself, a lingering question has been whether it also protects you from long COVID. Well, according to a yet to be peer reviewed study, the answer is yes it does. Also on today's show: * Is there any research work being done to modify the virus to develop a relatively benign but transmissible COVID variant which could be released to "crowd out" the current dangerous variants? * Is there a chance that Omicron is different enough that instead of replacing Delta, you get both if not together then one after another? * And we're after your stories about getting third-doses. Was it easy? Or hard?

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