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Join the Diva of DOOL as we discuss the past two weeks of the show. Abby leaves Salem. Gwen tells Jack that Abby didn't push her. Gwen is blackmailed by Dr. Synder. Chad finds Gwen with a bag of pills. Belle and Shawn try to set up Jan, but she figures things out thanks to Dr Synder. Kristen kidnaps Chloe and puts Lucas and Sami in the DiMera basement. Lumi are hilarious as they try to figure a way out and have sex for the second time. Brady tells John that Kristen isn't Kristen. Kristen goes to Xander for help. A drunken Xander and Nicole have sex. Nicole tells Ava the whole truth. Chanel and Ally kiss but she tells Tripp she is in to him. Chanel tells Lani about Ally and catches Eli with his towel down! Kate fights her way back to Salem to finds Jake and Gabi in bed. Kristen confronts Kate and knocks her out. Kate is in a coma. Jake is upset and concerned about Kate and Gabi is afraid she will lose him again. Ciera sends Ben divorce papers. Claire consoles Ben with a kiss. Ben stops them from going too far. Ben returns home to find an unexpected visitor. Jan arrives and pulls a gun on Clarie. Upcoming spoilers and more comings and goings. Days of Our Lives renewed for two more years! 

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