How Aveva Built a Unified Culture after M&A

In this episode of the HR Leaders podcast I'm joined by Caoimhe Keogan, Chief People Officer at Aveva, to discuss How Aveva Built a Unified Culture after M&A. Caoimhe delves deep into Aveva's journey post-M&A, emphasizing the pivotal role of relationship-building and trust in shaping a unified organizational culture.

The episode also touches upon the rapidly changing dynamics in CSR and ESG and their implications for the modern workplace. A highlight of this episode is the candid discussion on the mounting pressures and challenges faced by HR leaders, with many choosing alternative career paths. Join us for a deep dive into the intricacies of organizational transformation and the evolving role of HR.

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Episode highlights

00:00 - Episode preview and introduction to Caoimhe

07:24 - Aveva's post-M&A journey

11:26 - How do you articulate and establish new values?

10:24 - How do you prioritize cultural styles?

20:09 - Why is the action for good programme significant?

27:06 - Challenges HR Leaders Face - Burnout and walkouts

About HR Leaders Podcast: Join Chris Rainey as he chats with the world's top Chief People Officers, CHRO’s and industry experts who share their experience, insights, lessons learned and how they are shaping the future of work for business and society.

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