Doctor Who: The Missing Episodes Podcast - Episode 8 - The Daleks' Master Plan (Part One)

It’s a much missed, long sought after “epic”, yes, The Missing Episodes Podcast is back from the junking pile. This is the first of two episodes looking at the twelve-part Season 3 story, “The Daleks’ Master Plan.” In part one, Paul and Tim are joined by the brilliant Gav Rymill. Gav, a man of many talents, is well known for his work in Doctor Who related graphic design and for being one of the two men behind the phenomenally successful “Dalek 63:88.” Gav leads the team on a deep dive into the origins of the story, what might have been, what the heck was going on the with casting of companions and reveals, for perhaps the first time, whose nipples feature in DMP. There’s a veritable Volcano of facts, more to chew on than at The Feast of Steven, (sp) and despite the long recording session, we hope we avoided The Destruction of Rym-ill. So welcome, delegates and please enjoy Gav’s wonderful insights into this mostly missing classic. Gav’s latest book “The Dalek Combat Training Manual” can be found here. Gav and Jon’s wonderful “Terry Nation Army” videos can be found here. Jess Jurkovic’s “Dudley Simpson is Doctor Who” can be found here. If you enjoy this podcast, we ask that you share it on social media to help us find our audience! Tim is on Twitter @drwhopodcasters, Paul @mrpaulmorris and please do come and like our Facebook page. With thanks to Tim Jolly for his ears and to the wonderful Bea Garrido for her art, assistance and her patience. This free podcast borrows snippets of music from “Marche, Les Structures Sonores” – Lasry Baschet. We lovingly pilfer original music cues by from the BBC’s original production of The Daleks’ Master Plan. The Terry Nation Army theme is by the exceedingly talented Graeme Allan.

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