Doctor Who: The Missing Episodes Podcast - Episode 7 - The Myth Makers

“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!” Unless, as it turns out on this occasion, the gift is comedian and sixties Doctor Who stalwart Toby Hadoke, all lovingly gift-wrapped and ready to talk.   It doesn’t take long to become apparent that Toby and the team are cheerleaders for the much neglected “The Myth Makers”. And there's plenty to say on the subject, from it's semi-historical originals to its status as the first full-blooded comedy in the Who ouvre. It's also the first Wiles-Tosh project, where bawdy high comedy and bloodstained tragedy go hand-in-hand. Does such a mix make for a successful Doctor Who story, or is it all too much? If you're unsure, open your mind and let Toby persuade you...   After the team have finished eulogising they put on their Missing Episode hats and turn their attention to the country that once seemed to offer the best hope for Myth Makers and its season 3 brethren: the much debated Sierra Leone. If you've ever been confused by the ongoing and rather twisty narrative of out-of-contract repeats, shelled TV stations and Morecambe a Wise hiding in a derelict cinema, their analysis should set you straight. On top of which, there may well be a rare update-ette from one of the top bods in the Missing Who field!   What's a Grecian urn? Who cares, the Missing Episodes Podcast is free, so what excuse do you have not to listen!   If you’re bored of Paul and Tim, Toby comes in at 2 minutes, 45 seconds.    Missing episodes stuff is discussed at around the 55 minute mark.    If you enjoy this podcast, we'd love it if you shared it on social media to help us find our audience! Tim is on Twitter @drwhopodcasters, Paul @mrpaulmorris and please do come and like our Facebook page.   This free podcast borrows snippets of music from “Marche, Les Structures Sonores” – Lasry Baschet. We lovingly pilfer original music cues by Humphry Searle from the BBC’s original production of The Myth Makers.  

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