Doctor Who: The Missing Episodes Podcast - Episode 6 - Mission to the Unknown

Missing episode enthusiasts Paul and Tim think they've hit on a Varga-ood idea: tracking down lost TV signals in outer space… After they've tackled that thorny issue, they set about a more realistic goal: reviewing the Season 3 one-part story Mission to the Unknown.   Mission acts as a trailer for the forthcoming twelve-part epic “The Daleks’ Master Plan” - but does it do its job? Is the Doctor-less experiment successful in its own right? And can Paul and Tim keep track of three characters’ names in a 25 minute piece of television drama?   This time they are joined by Andrew Ireland from the University of Central Lancashire. The driving force behind the wonderful 2019 live action recreation of the story, Andrew   brings his deep understanding of Mission to the team's discussion of the story, and adds a host of insights into the virtues of 1960’s TV production methods.   In 2019, Andrew also appeared on our good friend Richard Smith’s “Something Who” podcast and gave fascinating testimony to the production of the UCLAN project. We highly recommend not only revisiting this podcast first, but also Richard’s review of the story which features all manner of Delegatory delights with author Jac Rayner (plus a couple of voices which may sound familiar). They can be found here:   Three Varga-ood podcasts for the price of one! (Oh no, we've done that joke.)   If you enjoy this podcast, we'd love it if you shared it on social media to help us find our audience! Tim is on Twitter @drwhopodcasters, Paul @mrpaulmorris and please do come and like our Facebook page.   This free podcast borrows snippets of music from “Marche, Les Structures Sonores” – Lasry Baschet. Posh restaurant music is borrowed from Luigi Boccherini. Melodramatic music samples are lovingly pinched from the original BBC production of Mission to the Unknown.    

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