AGT: 036: Top 1% Part II

Pat and Amy continue their Top 1% series. Amy did the math and 1% of 800 is 8, so they list their Top 8 romances of the week from the Star Trek catalogue of episodes and movies.United Federation of Podcasts is brought to you by listeners like you. Special thanks to these patrons on Patreon whose generous contributions help produce the podcast! Tim CooperBill SmithSimon De LucaChrissie De Clerck-SzilagyiMahendran RadhakrishnanJim McMahonVera BibleJustin OserVictor GamboaCasey PettittChristopher LutzTom ElliotGreg MolumbyKevin ScharfAlexander GatesFit RogersTom Van ScotterVanessa VaughanJim StoffelChris TribuzioThad HaitAnn MarieJoe MignoneYou can become a patron here:

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