I Almost Got Stuck in the Expert Trap: How I Escaped and Delivered My Recent Successful Conference Presentation by Carol Cox

I *almost* got stuck in the expert trap when I was creating my recent presentation for MAICON called Maintain Your Brand Voice Through AI Personalization and Storytelling.​

I had lots of slides filled with examples and case studies.

Useful, sure, but not impactful or memorable.

I knew it was missing heart and soul.

Fortunately, I took my own advice :-) and saved myself from the expert trap.

Attendees loved my session - they said it was “fantastic, amazing, and valuable."

In this episode, I share 3 specific things I did to escape the expert trap to create an impactful and memorable presentation, plus one more bonus thing that made a huge difference.

I know you want to create and deliver outstanding presentations, get excellent feedback from attendees and the event organizers, stand out and get noticed, and get leads plus more speaking invitations.

You don’t want to get stuck in what I call the expert trap. 

The expert trap shows up in a few ways: as an information dump; no unique framework or methodology tying everything together; no vision or mission or thought leadership message; and no opinions or stances on your topic.

Listen in to hear what you can do to make sure your presentation provides value to your audience and gets you noticed.


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