Summer Mixtape

Put these hot beats in your hot feets! Ear Snacks is back and Andrew & Polly are sharing some of the sunniest, most funniest tunes for your family to enjoy. Feast your ears on: Ear Snacks Summer Mixtape 2023 “Rainbow Shoppe” by Andrew & Polly feat. Lucy Kalantari “Be You You You” by Uncle Jumbo “Start the Discussion” by Esther Crow feat. Strawbitty Yops “Beautiful You” by Mista Cookie Jar feat. Fyütch, Genevieve Goings, Orbit Dean “ABC You A G” by Nnenna & Pierce Freelon feat. Stella Freelon “Sunflower (Kindness Grows)”by Claudia Robin Gunn & Itty Bitty Beats “So Many Ways” by Little Miss Ann feat. Uncle Jumbo Please follow, share and support the work of these amazing musicians! To find out more or be on the show, visit! Thanks to Shopify for supporting Ear Snacks. Go to for a FREE trial.

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