I'm a hot mess - Coaching Jen

In this coaching episode, Jen is a listener who struggles with body image and emotional baggage in her relationships. She was abused beginning at age seven, and the scars have faded but haven't disappeared completely. She is self-conscious about her body, which is affecting her ability to be present for intimacy with her husband. She feels like a "hot mess" because dealing with her body insecurities and emotional baggage has been a significant challenge.

Leah works with Jen to:

  • examine the patterns established in her sexual relationship,
  • discover how pausing to breathe could make a major difference,
  • how to communicate with her husband about the changes she needs to make while she's healing, and
  • recognize her experience not as a fault, but as a response to long-ago trauma.

Leah offers valuable insights and tools to help Jen, and all of you listening, to navigate the intricate path of healing from trauma - one breath at a time.

NOTE: In two weeks, we'll be discussing episodes 2.6 and 2.7 of the Bravo show "Below Deck : Down Under". 

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