039 Achieve Your Goals FINALLY

In this episode, we will learn why goal setting is useless and why so many never achieve their goals..and what to do instead. 

As the end of the year gets closer, it is inevitable to start thinking about the things we want to achieve in 2022. But in this episode, we will forget about goal-setting and focus on goal-getting. I will take you through a really cool framework, the Goal-Getting Triad. We will walk through each of its parts, the right mindset to approach it, and understand what we must have in place to make it work.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- Why goal-setting without a strategy is doomed to fail

- The difference between making little progress and making a bunch of resolutions

- Why our emotions are crucial to achieving goals

- The three things that stand in the way between our goals and us

- What the Goal-Getting Triadframework is

- The principles of the Goal-Getting Triadframework and how to put it in practice

Emotions are the perfect fuel for every plan. When we are emotionally attached to an outcome, it is unlikely that we will talk ourselves out of it. If we add personal growth to that emotional outcome, and consistently put our efforts into accomplishing that goal, that becomes who we are. Connecting and aligning that perseverance with the personal growth we are after, becomes our doing. Lastly, having that perseverance and practice in place becomes what we have. And that is my version of the Be, Do, Have model.

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