Why YOU are the Messenger for Your Idea and Audience with Carol Cox

I often hear from clients that they feel like their topic isn’t unique, that what they would present on others have already been said. 

And they’re right: That will always be the case - there are always going to be lots of people out there who do or say something in the same umbrella as you.

What you need is an IDEA, not just a topic.

Ideas look for a messenger - and it’s up to you to activate the idea.

YOU are the messenger your audience needs to hear.

In this episode, I share with you:

  • Why ideas are so important

  • The four layers of thought leadership

  • The different ways ideas can come to you

  • What can stop you from activating an idea
  • Inspiration from Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Big Magic”

  • Why Greta Gerwig was *the* messenger the Barbie movie needed

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