Tamar Geller: Debunking Popular Myths About Dogs, Unconditional Love, and Relationships

Ever wonder how you can show up better in your relationships? Your dog has the answers!

On this episode of the Align Podcast, Tamar Geller shares how she believes that our dogs are in our life to teach us how to show up for a relationship. In other words, she considers them to be our training wheels as we learn how to develop better relationships in our lives with ourselves and others. 

Tamar Geller is a New York Times bestselling author and as OPRAH says “A Life Coach for Dogs and their People”. Known for her mindful, fun, innovative and effective methods, her enthusiasm revolutionized the way dog training is done. She doesn’t believe in giving commands to a dog, instead she prefers to teach them the life skills that allow them to self-regulate and make better decisions.

To learn more about Tamar:

Website: theloveddog.com 

Instagram: @theloveddog


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