Tips for Using Generative AI Tools in Project Management

Generative artificial intelligence tools, from ChatGPT to Bard, are changing the way people work—including how people lead teams and manage projects. We discuss this with: 

Kristian Bainey, PMP, CEO, K-Pic Systems Inc., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Bainey shares his tips to help project managers write ChatGPT prompts that will return strong answers, how project professionals are using generative AI tools to craft project charters and format project documentation, how to build support for integrating generative AI tools into workflows, and how tools like ChatGPT will change project management in the near future.

Higor Prado, PMP, project manager and software engineer, Softfocus, Mateus Leme, Brazil: Prado discusses how he’s using generative AI tools such as ChatGPT in his project management to generate reports and assist with negotiating with stakeholders, how these tools are boosting his and his team’s productivity and saving him time, and the privacy and compliance issues project professionals should be aware of before using generative AI tools.


Key themes

[02:36] Tips to write a strong ChatGPT prompt

[04:22] How project managers can use generative AI in their work

[09:52] Building support for adding generative AI tools into workflows

[11:19] Ways to mitigate the risk of ChatGPT sending back inaccurate information

[13:09] How generative AI will change project management moving forward

[15:40] Using ChatGPT to assist with project documentation and stakeholder communication

[17:13] Benefits of using generative AI tools: consistency, productivity and time

[18:41] Keeping privacy and compliance issues in mind when using new tech tools

[20:55] New to generative AI? Start experimenting and learn as you go

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