How can fundraisers do the right thing and get caught doing it?

What happens when a donor has a long history of giving, they have unimaginable wealth, and all the reasons in the world to support your cause, however something in your initial meeting suggests that they donor may have dementia. In these types of situations, Tony and Tara want fundraisers to do the right thing and get caught doing it. In what might become an increasingly common scenario, Tara and Tony want fundraisers to know how to honor the donor, meet expectations for their employers, and do so within an ethical framework. 

How do we ensure that our donors have the “donative capacity” to make a gift? Today my guests were Tara Adams and Anthony Pomonis who are raising awareness of the limitations that some of our donors might have and the care we should be expected to provide in response. Our conversation afforded us an opportunity to talk about ethics, metrics, privacy, and a number of other big issues that are sure to come up in these situations. If you’d like to learn more about Tara and Tony’s services, visit their website

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