How Jason Wilson Went From Banker to 7-Figure Site Owner & Director of Search at Epic Gardening

In this week's episode of the Niche Pursuits podcast, host Jared is joined by Jason Wilson, Director of Search at Epic Gardening.

Jason originally worked with Spencer in banking before diving into online business with his own sites and working on Niche Pursuits.

Today he discusses a couple of his 6 to 7-figure site sales, his current role, and the entrepreneurial adventure that got him here.

It's awesome, and Jason shares a ton of valuable advice you don't want to miss.

But it hasn't been a linear road to success. And he believes success doesn't require you to leave your day job to become an entrepreneur.

He emphasizes the importance of finding a job you enjoy which also affords you the time to pursue your passions. This way, your salary can pay your bills and be used to invest in scaling your site's content production.

He also recommends you set manageable goals, celebrate wins, and define success based on your own values and goals.

Jason's approach to goal-setting and breaking down content needs into manageable daily targets has been key to his success.

And his latest venture, merging his gardening site with Epic Gardening and joining them as Director of Search, proves his process works.

Jason started All About Gardening after his big 7-figure exit. He chose gardening as a niche because it was a passion and hobby for him and his wife. He allocated a significant budget for content creation and hired experts in the gardening field to ensure high-quality content. And despite the competitive nature of the gardening niche, Jason was willing to bet his user-focused mindset would pay off.

And it worked. The site took off and quickly grew to generate several million page views per month.

The merger between Epic Gardening and All About Gardening was simply the next logical step, as their focuses were complementary - Epic Gardening on edibles and All About Gardening on ornamentals.

Soon the two sites will combine to become one of the biggest authorities in the gardening niche, continuing the strategies and guidance Jason shares in this excellent interview.

Hope you enjoy it!

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