⛰️ Courageous Parenting in Unprecedented Times (ft. Isaac Tolpin)

Today's guest is Isaac Tolpin

We are living in one of the most unprecedented and confused eras in human history. Parents like you and I struggle to know what hills are worth dying on and which ones are not worth the fight. In times like these, how can parents protect their children and the importance of the family unit?

Isaac and his wife Angie are a bright light in this uncertain world. As the founders of Courageous Parenting and hosts of the Be Courageous podcast, they teach and equip parents how to hold to their pillar truths and lead their families with intention. 

In this conversation, we dive deep with Isaac about what it means to be an intentional parent, how to carve a better future for your family and which situations require parents to take bold and counter cultural action. 

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