Shocking Secrets: How to Protect Your Home from Lightning | Sticky Situation: Fixing Stuck Windows | Hot Tips for Buying a New Grill | Ep #2340

SHOW NOTES: Lightning Protection: When lightning strikes, find out how to protect your home from storm damage. Stuck Windows: Get tips for opening and closing stubborn old windows that have you stuck. Buying a Grill: Here’s what to look for when shopping hot deals for a new grill. Plus, answers to your home improvement questions. Uneven Air Conditioning: One room is much warmer than the rest of the house. Stephanie can check the airflow at the registers and returns, add insulation, and install supplemental cooling to balance the heating and cooling. Attic Ventilation: Jim is worried about mold he found after insulating his attic. He needs to increase the attic ventilation by adding ridge and soffit vents. Bathtub Refinishing: The bathtub finish is starting to erode and can’t be touched up. Peggy gets info about an epoxy refinishing kit to do the whole tub. Metal Roof: Patrick is considering installing a metal roof. It’s a good investment that offers new technology, insurance savings, and energy rebates. Painting Fireplace: Should you paint a brick fireplace? Mary gets advice about using a good primer, having to repaint, and ideas to decorate around the brick. Cleaning a Covered Deck: Ed wants to clean his covered wood deck. We recommend a wood cleaner, but he’ll need to cover his tools so they don’t get wet. Adding a Deck Step: It’s a high step from Steve’s deck into his cabin. Adding a step will be helpful and he finds out the right size tread to build. Garage Floor Stains: How do you clean grease stains from a garage floor? Kathy gets tips on cleaning the stains with TSP and using an epoxy floor paint. Driveway Repair: An old asphalt driveway is worn and has big dips. It sounds like it’s time for Bonnie to tear it out and replace the driveway.   Do you have a home improvement or decor question? Call the show 24/7 at 888-MONEY-PIT (888-666-3974) or post your question here. Sponsored in part by Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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