Your Essential Guide to Passive Voice Ep 672

English grammar passive voice: The secret weapon you never knew you needed.

Have you ever been puzzled by the passive voice? Do you wonder why native English speakers use it so frequently in everyday conversation? Say hello to the ultimate guide that'll unravel all the intricacies of the #passivevoice in English!

Here's Why This Lesson Is a Game-Changer:

  • ???? Clarity: Breaks down what passive voice is, how to construct it, and why it’s so darn important.
  • ???? Real-world Examples: Helps you understand when and where passive voice is commonly used—like in news reporting, politics, and scientific studies.
  • ???? Quiz Time: Provides a thorough quiz at the end of the lesson to help you test your mastery.
  • ???? Replay Value: Complex topic made simple! Listen a few times, and you'll get the hang of it.
  • ???? Instructor-led: Led by Hilary, a seasoned expert from Adept English, guiding you every step of the way.
  • ???? Multi-Tense Coverage: Tackles passive voice across all tenses, so you get a complete understanding.

The passive voice is safe.⭐ William Zinsser, from: On Writing Well

✔Lesson transcript:

In today's lesson, we'll dig deep into the passive voice-a trick of the trade that even 82% of our listeners wanted to know more about! This isn't just some grammar rule that collects dust in academic textbooks; people use it in everyday conversations, news reports, and even in science journals. We'll not only show you what it is, but how to construct it, flip it, and master it across all tenses.

Oh, and for those who think they're already experts? Buckle up! We've got a 'Passive Voice Quiz' that might just humble you a bit. It's practice made perfect! Don't let your #englishlearning hit a snag. Discover how to confidently use passive voice and sound more like a native speaker. Your grammar is a reflection of your image. Good or bad, you have made an impression. And like all impressions, you are in total control.⭐ Jeffrey Gitomer

This lesson is not just a one-time listen; it's your long-term English companion! So, are you in or are you out? Dive into this lesson, and elevate your English skills like never before! ???? Visit for this lesson and hundreds more! ???? Don't Forget to Share & Review! ????

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