What Should Go In Your Private Equity Pitch Deck

We’ve talked about sourcing and analyzing deals — but, we’ve yet to really get into the details of what goes into the pitch deck. The pitch deck is the document you’re going to send out to your investors to let them know about the deal, market it to them, and give them the opportunity to make a decision. So today we’re going to talk about when you’re going to go out and buy a business, what should be in your deal deck. Brad also plays the role of a potential investor, and gives his take on each section in terms of what he would want to see to feel confident in investing.  Key Takeaways: [:12] About today’s topic. [:50] Where to start with creating your pitch deck. [1:33] The first pieces of information you should include in your pitch deck. [4:22] How to provide an effective overview of your business in the pitch deck. And what investors are looking for. [8:26] The next section you should include in your pitch deck: an industry overview and a look at the market. [10:07] The meat of your deck: the financial analysis section. And the key metrics investors look at. And the key scenarios you should include in your deck. [15:00] The next section: a summary of key opportunities and risks. [18:08] The last section: the post-acquisition plan. [22:09] Summarizing our key points. Mentioned in this Episode: Word Powerpoint Keynote For More on The Alternative Investor, Check Out: TheAlternativeInvestorShow.com The Alternative Investor on iTunes — Leave us a review! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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