Are you looking for a ‘lazy girl job’?

Yeah, this is actually a real thing. During the last 3 years, so many people got used to doing very little, hiding out in remote jobs with little supervision - that it has become common for people to look for jobs that don’t require much. This is what a ‘lazy girl’ really is: The premise of a “lazy girl job” is simple: Low stress, low effort, lots of flexibility and freedom. These jobs are remote, require no overtime, are physically safe and there's minimum to no supervision. I’ve got a great story of second chances. And I want to end with a story that may help you see that knowing too much is hindering your success forward.  So, grab your cup of tea - or maybe your Mt. Dew - and get ready for a power-packed episode filled with practical advice, inspiring stories, and valuable resources to help maximize your contributions - not find an easy way to get paid for doing nothing. Let's jump right in! Questions: I've been humiliated and shrunken to feeling like I was merely an inch tall. At present, I am trying to find the right investors who will help fund my semi-business and semi-charity operations. Ministry and leadership are my passions and where the writing easily flows but I don't know if those areas will be enough to generate income. I am stuck. I can not figure out what I want to do or what my calling is. Key Takeaways: • Consider lazy girl jobs, which offer low stress and flexibility, but remember that success comes from doing more than what you're paid for and offering the very most that you can. • If you want to start a business hosting live events, seek investors and sponsors to cover costs and make a profit. Create a successful track record before approaching larger venues and potential investors. • If you're interested in starting a business focused on homeschooling resources, provide high-quality materials rather than cheap resources. Challenge assumptions about homeschooling families and highlight their diverse financial situations. • Focus on creating a unique message that generates income beyond just writing books. Develop inventories or products that people can purchase to generate additional income. • When facing challenges, take immediate action to generate income by offering services like house painting or car cleaning. • Remember that knowledge and experience don't always guarantee clear understanding or predictable outcomes. Stay resilient and believe in your envisioned future. • Avoid making financial decisions solely based on money. Consider your passion and talent when choosing a career path. Get direct links to the resources mentioned on this podcast in the podcast show notes at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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