The Epidemic of Never Enough

It’s easy to lose sight of what you have when you’re immersed in a world telling you that you need more. Turn on the TV during any commercial break and you’ll most likely observe a business suggesting that you need something new in order to be better. It can be a challenge to feel satisfied with what you have when you’re constantly surrounded by these unsolicited proposals from companies. It’s no wonder so many of us are impacted by the epidemic of “never enough.”

While progress should always be embraced, there is a difference between striving to be better and feeling like you’re never enough.

I’ve found that there are two key changes you can make to shift your perspective away from the “never enough.” First, loving the process- you are far more likely to persevere through the challenges on your way to mastery if you love the process. And second, gratitude. We get into this and more on todays episode.


[00:05] Intro and reflection

[01:05] The epidemic of never enough

[07:00] My personal experiences with this concept

[16:02] Discussion on the changes we can make to our mindset to quiet the feeling of never enough

[19:22] An in-depth discussion of how eastern traditions combat the never enough concept

[21:13] Reflection on the issue of the never enough epidemic and it’s solutions 

[23:05] Some insight from Steve Jobs

[26:00] Closing thoughts and reflection prompts

[28:13] Conclusion


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