Bat Minute Returns - Minute 79: A Crystal Beth Tub (with Liz Whitaker and Alyson Grimm)

The Ice Princess is hanging by a fingertip, by a nail! Wait a minute... LAWN DART! These things are god-damn deadly! As a swarm of bats bursts forth from their hiding place, our cold one falls... and gets even colder. Realising that nothing can help her now, Bats flees the scene... only to get a little bit of kinky action at the end of his slide. Joining the investigative team and bringing that Big Bat Energy are Liz Whitaker and Alyson Grimm! Liz is one Mean Girl when it comes to cracking a case and Alyson can deal with any and all Jeopardy in her way - what a fetch duo! Make sure to tune in, loser! The next episode follows on Wednesday. Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute! Join us on Facebook at the Bat Minute Listener's Cave! The Bat Minute theme song is by the band Rat Bit Kit and Ash Lerczak (aka Doc Horror) of Zombina a The Skeletones and Double Echo. Liz Whitaker - Twitter Mean Girls Minute - Website - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram Alyson Grimm - Twitter  

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