Bat Minute Returns - Minute 65: The Peg-guin (with Neil Brown and George Hendricks)

The Penguin offers to warm up our lil' kitty. Aww, how sweet of him! Nothing untoward is happening whatsoever... NO! DOWN BOY! STOP! GET AWAY FROM THOSE FEET! Selina has just about had enough. Shut it, bird brain - this cat hasn't come to play. We warned you. Remember the rules. You didn't listen. What these guests want is, I think, what everyone wants and what you listeners have: civilisation. Bringing that to the good folk of Gotham are Neil Brown and George Hendricks of The Mogwai Minute podcast! Here their legend grows... again! The next episode follows on Friday. Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute! Join us on Facebook at the Bat Minute Listener's Cave! The Bat Minute theme song is by the band Rat Bit Kit and Ash Lerczak (aka Doc Horror) of Zombina a The Skeletones and Double Echo. Neil Brown - Twitter George Hendricks - Twitter The Mogwai Minute - Website - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram  

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