Bat Minute '89 - Minute 111: Return of the Mecha-Joker (with Omar Najam)

BAT MINUTE '89 - THE SHOW THAT YOU MADE, DEAR LISTENERS! A comedy 'dong' is the funniest thing going as Batman's attempt at a 'cool' line falls totally flat. Shame. Shame. BATMAN PUNCHES JOKER'S TEETH RIGHT OUT OF HIS SKULL! GOOD LORD! "You made me first..." Back to deliver one final verbal stake through the heart is filmmaker, writer and host of the Sunnydale Study Group podcast - it's Omar Najam! With Omar on the scene you know that this show will be five by five and Joker and co. will forever be Hushed. Also check out his work at Fictional Fares! The next episode follows on Monday. Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute! Omar Najam - Twitter - Instagram Sunnydale Study Group Podcast - Twitter Join us on Facebook at the Bat Minute '89 Listener's Society!

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