Bat Minute '89 - Minute 103: The Batminator (with Murren Kennedy and Jessa Lowe)

From the wreckage he climbs - battered, beaten... but not defeated. The Bat is back and he's gunning for Jack! The Joker enacts his bold and daring plan - aerial escape escapades! In the meantime, however, a little silent play is in order. Joining our dynamic duo as Special Guest Investigators are Murren Kennedy and Jessa Lowe of Point Break Minute! They know all about zen philosophy, bank-robberies, sky-diving and Presidential cosplay, so who better to take down the crooks? Somebody in this movie is right at that point before they break - but is it Joker or is it Bats? Tune in to find out, Mites! The next episode follows on Wednesday. Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute! Point Break Minute - Website - Facebook Join us on Facebook at the Bat Minute '89 Listener's Society!

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