Bat Minute '89 - Minute 98: Knox, Knox, Knoxing on Heaven's Door (with Zoë Tomalin)

Falling! Tumbling! A smashing time is had by this goon, at least. The Action News Truck bites the big one! NO! OUR FAVOURITE CHARACTER! Knox goes for one hell of a ride, complete with a feathery end. Has Knox bitten the big one too?!? Joining the crew one more time to discuss this sweet, sugary, nightmarish, minute is a very special Guest Investigator - surreal comedian Zoë Tomalin! Zoë joins us as this investigation turns into a cruise through the horrifying scenes amid Gotham's streets! Sadly, this ain't no Bubblegum Party and we'll need all of our mindfulness techniques to make it through in one piece. Make sure to delve deeper into the madness with her stellar work as the Zoë part of duo Siân a Zoë - they are Edinburgh Fringe regulars and have written for Channel 4 shorts, performed their sketches on BBC Radio 1, been seen on BBC Two and CITV, and have "had nightmares for a combined 51 years". The next episode follows on Friday. Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute! Zoë Tomalin - Twitter - IMDb - Interview (Mumble Comedy) Join us on Facebook at the Bat Minute '89 Listener's Society!

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