Bat Minute '89 - Minute 34: Seven Years Bad Luck (with Dael Kingsmill)

It's the start of a new week so you know what that means... IT'S BAT MINUTE TIME, BABY! The crew are back for more shenanigans as they metaphorically slice and dice their way through a visit to a shady surgeon. Along the way they discover the fate of poor old Mr Napier... I don't trust this doctor to do a good job! Joining the Bat Boys is the wonderful YouTube mythology vlogger Dael Kingsmill! Make sure to check out her fantastic work over at Monarchs Factory for all your mythological needs, as well as a host of other geeky delights (you may know her from the Geek a Sundry Vlogs, also). The next episode follows on Wednesday! Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute! Dael Kingsmill - Monarchs Factory

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