Branding G'Day Frank

To thrive as a designer you need to be known, and a key part of that is building a personal brand. A designer that does this well is Reagan Mackrill, better known as Frank, the founder of his own branding and design studio, G’Day Frank based in Australia.

Franks website and social media really captures his personality, while sharing advice and knowledge that provides credibility and trust. He’s a great case study on doing this stuff right.

In this interview we’ll be discussing how G’Day Frank came into existence, the transition he took to go from full-time employment to self-employed and how he developed a personal brand and built a reputation. We then end the interview discussing niching, how it didn’t work out for Frank, and the lessons learned from the experience.

This episode is sponsored by The Perfect Match, a game where designers submit mood boards created using Adobe Stock assets. If your skilful project is chosen, you will be featured on Adobe's monthly live streaming game show with other talented designers, art directors, and creatives, where the winner goes home with $1000!

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