S1E21: Wall Street Turbulence And Dividend-Growth Stocks Are Perfect Together: David Bahnsen

First up, Steve speaks to a number of topics such as inverted yield rates which could mean a recession is coming, a great anecdote about his dad, Malcolm Forbes, Hong Kong and Iran continued tensions and upcoming financial reports including home sales and unemployment insurance claims. Then, recent stock market turmoil has investors asking: What’s the best path for fantastic—and sustainable—wealth creation? Prepare yourself for a happy shock! It’s not high-tech stocks—unless you can always pick winners like Facebook and avoid the countries busts. David Bahnsen, author of The Case for Dividend Growth, makes the remarkable case that a dividend-growth strategy is the best way to superb, long-term returns. And get this: the kind of volatility we see now can be an investor’s best friend. Bahnsen tells us what to look for to find these great stocks. Lastly, Steve’s “Read Of The Weeks” are three articles. They are: Top Secret Teens: The Highschoolers Recruited By The National Security Agency by Alex Marquardt, CNN, Europe Poised To Put Warning Labels On Jewish-Made Products by Adam Kredo and Nucor’s Founder Predicted Long Ago That Tariffs Would Kill The Steel Industry by Alan Golombok

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