S1E13: Democracy Cultivates Critical Tech Innovation In Central Europe: Robert Vass

First up, Steve shares thoughts about the democratic presidential debates this week on Wednesday, June 26th and Thursday, June 27th. Next, the small country of Slovakia is now the fifth largest exporter of automobiles to the United States. Robert Vass, founder and president of GLOBSEC, a leading European think tank based in Slovakia, gives a fascinating look into the priorities of Central Europe and how they impact the world. He explores what he calls a critical “generational mission” to help institutions keep up with the current rapid technological advancement. This, in order to nourish democracy and all the fresh talent and ideas born of it or face falling behind. And, Steve's "Read Of The Week" consists of two articles: "The Myth That Eating McDonalds Makes You Obese" by Hans Bader and "Make America Even Greater" by Kimberly Strassel.

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