Weekend Wisdom: Do You Really Need a Real Estate Investing Coach? w/Chad Carson

In this short episode Chad Carson from coachcarson.com shares his thoughts on the importance of having a mentor. --- Transcript   Michael: Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of The Remote Real Estate Investor. This is our weekend wisdom episode. And On this episode, we have author, teacher Chad Carson on with CoachCarson.com. And this is going to be a little preview snippets where we have Chad talk about what a coach can do for you and your real estate journey.   Michael: So Chad, you also work as a coach in the real estate investment space. And I'm curious to know what you say to all the naysayers out there that say, Oh, you don't need a coach ready to pay for education? Everything's available for free on the internet, YouTube, Bigger Pockets. What light, Can you shed on that?   Chad: Well, if you don't need a coach, don't pay one. I mean, that's fine. Like, I think people, people, there's all sorts of different ways to learn. And I think the internet's awesome. Like the fact that bigger pockets is here, and they revolutionize the way you can get information is amazing, like, great. We having free information at your fingertips is just the way things work. You've got YouTube's, got bigger pockets, you've got articles, that's that hasn't changed. The thing is, though, is that we have more information than we've ever had. But how does that apply to you? Like that's, that's the bigger question.   And the one of the biggest challenges and this goes back to Cal Newport and kind of deep work idea is that we're all knowledge workers, if you're an investor buying properties, and this is all about knowledge, it's about you communicating ideas abstractly, and going buying this property. And so a lot of that knowledge is how do you focus? And what's the important thing to focus on? What are your strengths, like we talked about earlier? And what's the unique recipe for yourself that allows you to be successful. And there's nothing new about that, like, that's always been an important part of succeeding in anything like sports, for example.   I love the old like old school coaches like John Wooden that UCLA who won 10 national championships and basketball like 12 years, I think, you know, if you go back and look at the recipe for what they did to build success as a team, it was it was very much in those, you know, feed little small details of feedback like hey, what he would, he would take his like really good players like Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Bill Walton, he would bring them in before the season and say, Hey, guys, we're gonna spend an hour practicing tying your shoes and rolling up your socks. And can you imagine like, here's all of my future Hall of Famer, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, you know, roll up your socks, put them back down, roll up your socks, tie your shoes. I'm tight. I mean, it's almost like a joke, you know? Yeah. So you get them exasperated, though, to the point where they're like, Alright, what's up with this coach? And he said, you probably wondering why I'm asking you to tie your shoes dozens of times and roll your socks out.   He said, here's the point. The point is, if you don't put your socks on correctly, if you don't tie your shoes correctly, you're going to get a blister. If you miss, if you get a blister, you're going to miss a couple days of practice. If you miss a couple days of practice, you might not play your best you might miss a game. If you miss a game, we're not going to have you, we might lose the game. And if we lose, start losing too many games, we're not going to win a championship. And you came here to win a championship, right? Yes. Okay, so let's let's work on tying our shoes.   And that's the kind of thing that I think, you know, a feedback. This doesn't have to be a paid coach, this could be a mentor locally, but also, you know, classes, when we as humans, we learn from other humans, and we have feedback. And it's often a person is more experienced, can tell you what is the important thing like tying your shoes and tell you to ignore all this other stuff for now. Because that's the challenge right now we have so much information, you got to know what to ignore and what to focus on. And I would add into that recipe, what I think a good coach has is somebody who actually cares about your success. They're they they have your best interest in mind. And that's that's a hard thing to find as well.   So if you get a mentor if you get somebody who can, who can encourage you have some experience has some knowledge is made a big difference. In my own career. I've paid for education. I've had local mentors as well. I can't imagine not having the inner circle of people who've helped me kind of realize my own potential that I would have left a lot on the table. If I try to do everything myself.   Michael: Love it. Love it. Already, everybody. Well, that was our episode with Chad Carson. A big thank you again for the weekend wisdom. Looking forward to the episode that's going to be coming out later in the week where we have you on for a full episode and get to talk to you about your story and your real estate investment journey.   Chad: Thank you.   Michael: Thanks so much for listening. Happy investing.  

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