Billionaire Talks Ep 3 | His Small Account Strategy

In this video Matt, has started hosting a weekly series called billionaire talks where Stuart Ramos and I discuss the macros in the stock market. Stuart Ramos is a self made man, stock market savant, Olympic coach for Judo, and Olympic qualifier for Judo. In this episode we will discuss how it all started where we turned $1,000 into a million trading the stock market in a matter of a couple years. Trading stocks has the power to create overnight millionaires but the odds are not in our favor. ⛔Free Stock Trading Guide⛔   ????Bulletproof + Recession-Proof Setups????   ????FREE TRADE SIGNALS FOR 7 DAYS WITH INDICATOR:????   ????OPTIONS DOMINATION COURSE + PREMIUM GROUP ACCESS:????   ????MERCH!????   ????LISTEN THE PODCAST????   ???? JOIN OUR DISCORD CHANNEL???? ????FREE STOCK ON ROBINHOOD???? ????FREE STOCK ON WEBULL ????   Follow Us EVERYWHERE: ???? instagram ???? ???? PODCAST???? ????twitter???? ???? facebook ????

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