Ep 348 - Cannabis Fund Eyes The Sweet Spot For Investors

Some investors are seeing big opportunities in post-seed stage investing. Here to tell us about it is Patrick Rea of the Poseidon Garden Fund.  Learn more at https://www.poseidonassetmanagement.com Key Takeaways: [00:44] An inside look at the Poseidon Garden Fund, a $50 million fund supporting post-seed stage cannabis businesses [1:39] Patrick’s background in cannabis, including his popular business-accelerator and venture capital fund, CanopyBoulder [2:49] The current cannabis investing landscape and Patrick’s advice to investors looking to enter the space [7:02] The benefits of post-seed stage investing versus earlier stages [10:08] How the Poseidon Garden Fund helps springboard companies through its mastermind groups and large network of industry leaders [13:53] The Garden Fund’s process for follow-on investments [15:08] Parallels between the cannabis and supplements industries, including a new trend in product technology [16:40] The Garden Fund investments Patrick is most excited about right now [21:19] Patrick’s advice to entrepreneurs on the dos and don’ts of pitching your company

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