Ep 337 - Silicon Valley Switching Focus to the Cannabis Dispensary

How do you take lessons learned from Silicon Valley and apply them to cannabis POS software to help retailers save time and money? Here to help us answer that question is Barry Saik, CEO of Greenbits. Learn more at https://www.greenbits.com  Key Takeaways: [00:53] An inside look at Greenbits, a cannabis retail POS software solution that provides compliance and marijuana inventory management [1:07] Barry’s background working for Intuit and how he got into the cannabis space [2:19] Greenbits versus other POS systems for cannabis retailers [5:54] How Greenbits automates different workflows within a cannabis dispensary [8:26] The types of platforms Greenbits integrates with, from online menu companies to delivery services [9:31] Intuit’s “follow me home” strategy and how Barry is using it to optimize user experience at Greenbits [15:18] Scaling challenges POS systems often face on 420 and how Greenbits has overcome those challenges [19:42] How Covid-19 has changed how cannabis retailers use tech

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