This Dose-Controlled Device Is Launching Cannabis Into the Wellness Arena (Holiday Encore 1 of 3)

While thousands of new cannabis products hit the market each year, most fail to create product-market fit due to a lack of differentiation or clear-cut benefits.  Today’s guest is CEO of Dosist Gunner Winston, who has simplified cannabis consumption with targeted formulas and precise dosing to create a product that is catapulting cannabis into the wellness arena. Learn more at  Key Takeaways: Gunner’s background in cannabis and how he came to start Dosist An inside look at Dosist and its mission to simplify cannabis consumption with innovative delivery devices How taking the guesswork out of cannabis is attracting more people to the category Variables that are important to luxury brand consumers Customer reactions to Dosist’s new dose pen and dose dial The thought process behind Dosist’s high-end yet minimalist retail environment Why Gunner believes brick and mortar stores remain valuable in the age of online shopping  Where Dosist is in the capital-raising process How Gunner is planning to evolve Dosist in the coming years as consumer preferences change

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