Ep 327 - Insider Details the Mega Trends Impacting the Cannabis Industry

What will the cannabis industry look like in the next few years? Paul Rosen of Global Go shares the nine trends shaping cannabis worldwide (and wait till you hear #4). Learn more at https://globalgo.consulting  Key Takeaways: [2:22] An inside look at Global Go, one of the world’s leading consulting firms for cannabis and hemp businesses [4:34] Paul’s background and how he got into the cannabis space [10:03] The nine trends shaping cannabis on a global scale, beginning with catastrophic failure  [16:20] The divergence of medical and recreational markets [21:36] The end of Canadian domination in cannabis and the rise of the US [29:02] New FDA rulings on CBD [35:39] Biosynthesis and what it could mean for the cannabis industry [40:57] Why “cash remains king” in cannabis  

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