Ep 309 - Investors Are Helping Cannabis License Holders Access Capital

Cannabis license holders are using an interesting new way to free up capital and grow their business. Here to give us the details is Anthony Coniglio of New Lake Capital Partners. Learn more at https://www.newlake.com  Key Takeaways: Anthony’s background in real estate and how he came to start New Lake An inside look at New Lake, a newly-formed Maryland real estate partner that leases industrial and retail properties to state-licensed cannabis operators Why cannabis has been deemed essential across the country and how this is influencing investors and license-holders Factors to consider when choosing the most valuable states and cities to buy real estate for the cannabis market  How New Lake has raised $100 million in capital to build its diversified portfolio How much New Lake’s investors can expect in returns and Anthony’s predictions for where dividends are heading in the next few years What Anthony looks for when considering cannabis operators looking to lease his properties, from their business strategy to their ability to raise capital How COVID-19 has affected the commercial real estate market in the US and where Anthony sees it heading

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