Ep 296 - Cannabis Delivery Service Boasts Great Revenue With a Counterintuitive Twist

Is speed paramount when it comes to a good cannabis delivery service? Not according to Sava founder Andrea Brooks, who shares with us how she’s gained more customer satisfaction and larger order sizes than her much faster competitors. Learn more at https://www.getsava.com  Key Takeaways: Andrea’s background in cannabis and how she came to start Sava An inside look at Sava and its mission to provide the highest quality cannabis products for delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area How Andrea won the AVG Best Pitch Award and what about her presentation resonated most with investors What investors need to know about unit economics and basket size Common obstacles in cannabis delivery and how Sava has overcome these to get ahead of other services like Ease and MedMen Ways in which Sava has gained so many repeat customers Sava’s generous compensation for drivers and how this impacts the company’s overall success Where Andrea sees the cannabis drink category heading in the next few years Andrea’s conservative approach to growth projections and meeting investor expectations Where Sava currently is in the capital-raising process and Andrea’s goals for the years ahead

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