Ep 282 - Breakthrough In Photosynthesis Tech Helping Hemp/Cannabis

With hemp in growing demand, scientists are hard at work determining ways to increase plant yield. Here to tell us about it is Han Chen from ZeaKal, a plant science company revolutionizing hemp cultivation. Learn more at https://www.zeakal.com  Key Takeaways: Han’s background in cannabis and how he came to start ZeaKal An inside look at ZeaKal and its mission to vastly improve cannabis crop efficiency Problems in hemp cultivation that ZeaKal is working to solve How hemp cultivation compares to other crops like corn and soy Secondary metabolites and why they’re important to hemp Hemp’s potential to produce a more sustainable plant oil ZeaKal’s dynamic with other industry players in the hemp ecosystem How drones are proving useful for data collection in hemp cultivation Where Han sees his research and the hemp industry as a whole progressing over the next 3-5 years

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