Ep 277 - Enhancing Cannabis at a Molecular Level with Biotechnology

What happens when biotechnology and cannabis collide? Here to answer this is Ronan Levy of Trait Bio, a biotech company that just cracked the code on how to create flavorless, water-soluble cannabinoids - and without using nanoemulsion.  Learn more at https://www.traitbio.com  Key Takeaways: Ronan’s background in cannabis and how he came to start Trait Bio An inside look at Trait Bio and its mission to make hemp and cannabis into purer, safer products  The value of water-soluble cannabinoid products and where Trait Bio is in the process of achieving this The risks versus benefits of using nanoemulsion in the manufacturing of cannabis products  Glycosylation and how Trait Bio is using this instead of nanoemulsion to create water-soluble cannabinoid products How trait amplification works to increase the yield of cannabinoids in hemp and cannabis plants Trait Bio’s work with minor cannabinoids and why the industry is beginning to take more interest in them How yield differs between yeast and trait application Ronan’s long-term goals for Trait Bio and where the company currently is in the capital-raising process Where Ronan sees biotech and cannabis heading in the next five years

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