Using The Power of Ritual To Create Product-Market Fit - Encore

Justin Singer is the co-founder of Still Water Brands, a company focused on cannabis consumers that really don’t see themselves as cannabis consumers because they feel uncomfortable with the existing methods of consumption. For example, it is very confusing for a first-time cannabis consumer to understand why they don’t want to eat a 100mg infused chocolate bar, but instead, need to break it up into 10 or 20 pieces. First-time consumers ask, “wait, why do I need to break this bar up, isn’t a bar one dose?” Justin and his team at Stillwater initially focused on rituals consumers are already comfortable with such as making a cup of tea. Stillwater’s water-soluble beverage additives including their best seller Ripple have resonated with a traditionally unrecognized and underserved market category. Now Stillwater is going to offer their infused additives to other businesses. This is a riveting interview you won’t want to miss. Learn more at:  

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