Why Following the Crowd is Dangerous When it Comes to Investing

When it comes to investing, do you ever find yourself reacting to the media headlines? If you spend even one day listening to financial news updates, you could be convinced that you need to do something drastic to combat the doom and gloom that's perpetuated by industry 'gurus.' Fear is often the driving emotion behind bad financial decisions, and we don't want you to total your financial life because of such peer pressure. You (and any other investor) are told on a daily basis by the financial media to follow the herd and invest your money in this or that, or worse... sell when things seem scary. In this week's episode, we talk about how even when there's good news the media somehow wraps it up in negativity. Don't be misled in your financial life. For more details visit our show notes on our website: https://www.moneyguy.com/2018/07/when-you-invest-following-the-crowd-can-be-dangerous/ 

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