From "W.H. Auden's "For the Time Being"

Wystan Hugh Auden (/ˈwɪstən ˈhjuː ˈɔːdən/; 21 February 1907 – 29 September 1973[1]) was a British-American poet. Auden's poetry was noted for its stylistic and technical achievement, its engagement with politicsmoralslove, and religion, and its variety in toneform, and content. Some of his best known poems are about love, such as "Funeral Blues"; on political and social themes, such as "September 1, 1939" and "The Shield of Achilles"; on cultural and psychological themes, such as The Age of Anxiety; and on religious themes such as "For the Time Being" and "Horae Canonicae".[2][3][4]

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