Are You On the Road to Wealth and Independence?

I’m a straight talker, so please don’t hate me for a harsh, but true statement: when people are falling short of their financial goals, it’s almost always because of their own actions and decisions. Examples: Putting off investing in your Roth IRA or maximizing your 401k at work (“I need the extra money to fake success for my friends and family”) Hating your boss and job, but doing nothing to change your situation (“I’m scared to try something new and the interviewing process for a new job is stressful”) Putting off the dream of being self employed (“Where will I get clients from and how do I get started?”) Renting your life and not having an ownership mentality (“I really like my low rent payments and driving a flashy car”) Taking foolish risks (“They’ll figure out Social Security’s problems by the time I retire”) THE SECRET TO SUCCESS IS THROUGH DEFERRED GRATIFICATION AND TAKING THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED   For more information, visit the show notes at

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